SharePoint Site Builds

SharePoint is a great platform but can appear very stark and unfriendly using the out of the box tools. Let us use our proven methods to help build you an engaging SharePoint site whether it is onPremise or in Office 365. All of our sites adhere to Microsoft best practice ensuring any updates to not break your designs. Talk to us and let us help you create that vibrant engaging SharePoint site you always wanted.


Cloud Jigsaw have a track record of migrating client email services to the cloud. Talk to us about how we can help you migrate your email services to the cloud and maximise your investment.


We have a track record of helping our clients maximise their move to cloud services. Talk to us about how we can help you piece together your current infrastructure with modern cloud services.


At Cloud Jigsaw we understand that sometimes you want to have a go at moving to the cloud yourself. But sometimes you can get stuck, who can you turn to, the big companies want lots of money to ‘help’ out. Here at Cloud Jigsaw we pride ourselves on being approachable, we can provide you with adhoc support on an hourly basis or you can sign up to one of our support contracts. Our support contracts are annual but are not based on a time or calls limit. We will, of course, build in some fair usage limitations but you can can call us when you get stuck for a fraction of the cost that the big companies would charge you.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be a powerful tool that can help mould a business strategy. Cloud Jigsaw are experts in using cloud based services such as Microsoft PowerBI to build dashboards for all levels of the business. Our PowerBI dashboards take advantage of cloud based services to interrogate both cloud based and onPremise based data in a growing list of services including SQL, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter to name a few